Data insights: What do we know about working caregivers?

Monday, November 6th
1:30 – 2:20 p.m.

Without data, measuring change isn’t possible. Join us as researchers across Canada share their insights on key trends related to the experiences of working caregivers across diverse demographics. Panelists will shed light on the intersection of caregiving responsibilities with work, mental health, and productivity. By delving into the data, we will lay the foundation for creating targeted strategies and fostering inclusive workplaces that understand and support the needs of working caregivers.


Nora Spinks

CEO, Work-Life Harmony Enterprises


Dr. Linda Duxbury

Professor, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

Dr. Allison Williams

McMaster University Faculty of Science Research Chair, CIHR/SSHRC Healthy Productive Work Partnership Grant

Jane Badets

Senior Advisor, Environics Analytics