Dr. Allison Williams

McMaster University Faculty of Science Research Chair, CIHR/SSHRC Healthy Productive Work Partnership Grant

Dr. Allison Williams is a professor in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences at McMaster University. A health geographer by training, Dr. Williams currently leads a multi-year Canadian Institute for Health Research/Social Science Humanities Health Research (CIHR)/SSHRC Healthy Productive Work Partnership Grant. Through the partnership grant, the work of academic researchers, business and non-profit leaders is helping employers to adopt the CSA Carer-Inclusive and Accommodating Organizations Standard. In doing so, workplaces have the potential to enhance work-life balance, retention, autonomy and reduce health insurance costs.

A strong advocate for policy and practice improvements at the national, provincial, and local levels, Dr. William’s work also informs international carer-friendly workplace policies. Her insights, skills, and knowledge lead to strong collaborative partnerships with organizations representing caregiver advocacy, health services, and labour. She cares for her aging parents and uncle and has two lovely children living at home with her and her partner.