Rosie Paulyk

Creator, Chronic Oasis

Rosie Paulyk is the creator of Chronic Oasis, an online community for humans who love and care for chronically ill family members – chosen family included – where chronic caregivers reinforce, remember and redefine who they are.

To ensure that Chronic Oasis remains true to its namesake, Rosie and her team regularly partner with organizations from across Canada to develop and deliver data-driven, humanity-rich resources that honour chronic caregivers’ unique needs in relation to global challenges such as climate change, public health post-2020, and the evolution of artificial intelligence.

When Rosie was 10 years old, her mom was diagnosed with MS. A second diagnosis of clinical depression occurred about a decade later. Rosie has been both an in-person and remote chronic caregiver, and has supported her ever-rad Mama M for over 20 years.

In addition, Rosie is a Jazz singer and creator of the Multiply Music Effect – which takes children ages newborn to 17 from being creatively curious to musically multiplied, so that they master their favorite instrument(s) to the degree they choose while growing a deeply established love of creativity, innovation and music that endures into adulthood.

During Rosie’s unscheduled time [oh yes – she has some and it’s non-negotiable] you’ll often find her writing a tune or reading a sci-fi novel with a cup of Dark French Roast coffee and her 19-year-old zany cat Eric.