Mike Morrice, MP

Member of Parliament, Kitchener Centre

MP Mike Morrice has spent his career bringing people together. Whether working with different levels of government or not for profit organizations, Mike has a proven record of introducing ambitious ideas along with finding the funds to pay for them. He is the founder of Sustainable Waterloo Region, co-creator of ClimateActionWR, and piloted Canada’s first Green Economy Hub. This later led to Green Economy Canada and eight Green Economy Hubs across the country, which have enabled hundreds of organizations to both lower their carbon footprint and increase their profitability. He also initiated evolv1, Canada’s first net-positive energy multi-tenant building, which an ambitious group of individuals later brought to fruition.

Mike believes in using his platform to amplify the concerns of his community. This includes his commitment to science-based action on the climate crisis, to racial justice, to completing the country’s social safety net through programs like a Guaranteed Livable Income, and to electoral reform.

Mike is inspired by the great things people can accomplish when we genuinely listen to one another, look to find common ground, and prioritize future generations. He was elected to represent the riding of Kitchener Centre in 2021, winning the riding along with the title of Ontario’s first elected Green MP.

Since being elected, Mike has worked to address wealth inequality through dedicated advocacy for the Canada Disability Benefit, and to improve housing affordability through his Private Members Motion 71, which would end tax exemptions enjoyed by corporate investors.

Mike was named Young Alumnus of the Year by Laurier (2011), Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the KW Chamber of Commerce (2012), given a Special Citation for Social Entrepreneurship by EY Canada (2018), and has been an Ashoka Fellow since 2012.