Learning from Québec 

Tuesday, November 7th
2:30 – 3:20 p.m.

Quebec is a generation ahead of the rest of Canada when it comes to supporting caregivers through government policies and legislation. What can we learn from the Quebec experience? Speakers from across the care ecosystem in the province will address these questions, where the gaps still exist in the province, and paint a potential way forward for national and provincial advocacy.


Julie Bickerstaff

Director, Info-aidant and knowledge transfer, L’Appui pour les proches aidants


Michèle Archambault

Coordinator, Department of Services for Seniors and Caregivers, Ministry of Health and Social Services

Loriane Estienne

Executive Director, Proche aidance Québec

Cindy Starnino

Director, Quebec Observatory on Caregiving

Ella Amir, OC, PhD

Executive Director, AMI-Québec

Magalie Dumas

Magalie Dumas

Deputy Director General, L’Appui pour les proches aidants