Gretchen Mayor

Care Provider

Gretchen Mayor is a dedicated, compassionate and skilled healthcare professional with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Philippine Women’s University Manila. With a strong sense of empathy and commitment, she has worked as a care provider in both Israel and Canada in various settings.

Since 2017, she has been a valued in-home caregiver in Canada, building meaningful relationships with several wonderful clients and their families who have appreciated her exceptional skills and warm personality.

As a newcomer in Canada, she confronted multiple professional and personal barriers and challenges, while adapting to her new country. However, her unwavering determination to build a brighter future remained her guiding force, teaching her invaluable lessons in resilience and adaptability.

Gretchen prioritizes her educational and professional growth. She successfully completed the Personal Support Worker Bridging Program in September 2021 and has engaged in various additional training organized by the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto.

Gretchen wants to raise awareness about the obstacles caregivers face in navigating the immigration system and building a fulfilling career in care work. By addressing these barriers and offering support and resources, we can empower caregivers like herself to thrive in this vital field of service.