Claire Laureta

Personal Support Worker, Amica Bayview Village

Claire Laureta is a registered practical nurse (RPN) and a certified personal support worker (PSW). She graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Philippines but chose to pursue more lucrative opportunities outside of healthcare after graduation.

In 2019, Claire re-ignited her passion for healthcare and came to Canada as an international student where she earned her PSW certificate from Seneca College and made the President’s honors list for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

Claire began her post graduate career as a PSW at Amica Bayview Village where she is currently employed. She has acquired her Permanent Resident status in Canada and successfully completed the RPN exam. She also recently obtained eligibility for the NCLEX-RN exam which she intends to pursue.

Apart from her responsibilities as a PSW, Claire also enjoys playing piano, watching movies and road trips and plans on opening her own homecare agency one day.