Amanda MacKenzie

National Director, Public Affairs, March of Dimes Canada

Amanda MacKenzie joined March of Dimes Canada in August 2020 with a varied background in advocacy, public affairs and government and stakeholder relations. At March of Dimes Canada, Amanda has led the development of a full-service public affairs and advocacy program, raising March of Dimes Canada’s profile as both and with federal, provincial/territorial and municipal governments and stakeholders, with a focus on advocating with and for Canadians with disabilities on income security and independence at home and community. Amanda’s professional experience is coupled by a deep personal connection to March of Dimes Canada’s mission, as she was legal guardian for her little brother, Graham, who lived with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Prior to joining March of Dimes Canada, Amanda built and led grassroots advocacy and multifaceted public affairs programs at the Ontario Dental Association and The Arthritis Society. Amanda began her career in Ontario provincial politics as a policy advisor to then-Minister of Natural Resources, followed by working on the development of supports for small- and medium-size enterprises, Ontario trades workers, and municipal recovery in the office of Premier Dalton McGuinty. Amanda is a Toronto native whose son, Grant, is a carpenter-apprentice living in Calgary. Amanda, her partner and two bonus young teens live in central Toronto, accompanied by their boisterous dogs, Sprocket and Pippa.