Alison Barkoff

Administration for Community Living

Alison Barkoff serves as the Administration for Community Living’s (ACL) acting administrator and assistant secretary for aging. She provides executive leadership and coordination for ACL programs across the United-States and is an advisor to the U.S. Home and Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra, on issues that impact people with disabilities and older adults.

Alison is a lifelong advocate for community living – both professionally and personally. She is the sibling of an adult brother with developmental disabilities and worked alongside her brother and parents from an early age to advocate for disability rights in her home state, and later across the country.

Alison has appeared before Congress and the US Commission on Civil Rights and has been part of countless coalitions of people with disabilities, older adults, and advocates.

Prior to joining ACL, Alison served as special counsel for olmstead enforcement in the civil rights division of the Department of Justice; held leadership roles with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Department of Labor; and directed advocacy efforts at both the Center for Public Representation and the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law.

Alison Barkoff