Katrina Prescott

Caregiving Consultant/Producer, KPE Inc.

Katrina Prescott can’t resist a creative challenge.  An accomplished media producer who honed her skills in New York and Vancouver, she was thrust into caregiving at the height of her career.

Her personal experiences caring for her mother who was living with dementia compelled her to embark on a secondary career in caregiving advocacy and education.

By combining her media prowess and insights from lived caregiving experiences, Katrina produced the widely viewed web series “Therapeutic Fibbing.”  Seen by over 1 million people to date, this innovative educational series is a caregiving and dementia advocacy tool that not only invites learning but has also garnered significant caregiver engagement.

As a passionate community advocate who believes any action can have a big impact, Katrina designed and launched a range of programs to support Indigenous led organizations, mitigate isolation, address hunger and encourage zero waste initiatives.

Katrina is an unexpected change agent, whose creativity, passion and commitment to improving the lives of people around her, shines through all of her work and leaves a lasting impression.